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Monster M-80 Energy Juice

Where can I buy Monster M-80 Energy Juice? Petro Express in North Carolina
How much does Monster M-80 Energy Juice cost? $1.99

What's in Monster M-80 Energy Juice?

Nutritional Information
Size: 16.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.0
Monster M-80 contains 2 (8fl.oz.) serving, which contains mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed) of the following: Calories 90, Carbs 23g/8%, Sugars 23g, Vitamin C 8mg/15%, Vitamin B2 1.7mg/100%, Vitamin B3 20mg/100%, Vitamin B6 2mg/100%, Vitamin B12 6mcg/100%, Calcium 50mg/6%, Potassium 215mg/6%, Sodium 15mg/1%, Taurine 1g. Panax Ginseng 200mg. Monster M-80 also contains a proprietary energy blend which contains 2.5g of unspecified amounts of the following: L-Carnitine, Glucose, Caffeine, Guarana, Inositol, Glucuronolactone and Maltodextrin.

Jason's Review

We've been very busy the last couple of weeks following Bassmaster Classic Angler and "City Limits" television host, Mike Iaconelli. Thank you for your patience, we know life just hasn't been the same for our legion of fans without our regular review installments.

Since it's been a while, we decided not to phone in a review of a no-name drink that will be out of production in 3 months, like we normally do. Instead, we've decided to review an old Monster flavor that we completely disregarded because, based on Monster Khaos and Monster Mixxd, it probably tasted like buck urine.

To our surprise, Monster M-80 doesn't taste like carbonated fruit preserves, like Mixxd, or orange juice poured from a penny jar through a strainer filled with BBs and paper clips, like Khaos. Unlike Mixxd, M-80 is light and refreshing, and the delicious pineapple flavor is entirely free of the overtly prevalent metallic bane found in Khaos. After drinking M-80, I regret having assumed juice and Monster were as unsavory a combination as 'Eat Pray Love' and my gag reflex.

M-80 looks to have the old fashioned and affective "proprietary Monster blend". Along with Khaos, M-80 has 90 calories per serving, which is the lowest of the sugar-sweetened Monsters. The price is acceptable at $2 for 16oz. And for people who want a drink that's primarily juice, this is, by far, the best offering from Monster.

Guests's Review

So little is said about Monster M-80, admittedly, sometimes we forget it exists. I speculate the juice line is primarily intended for mixing. I can't imagine anything one could mix with Mixxd to make it palatable, or anything that would lessen the severity of that "I ate a bag of Jolly Ranchers" sour stomach you get afterwards. The most useful thing I've found for Mixxd is microwaving it for a few seconds until it's completely gelatinous and using it as a fruit fly trap.

In short, M-80 is the only "Juice Monster" worth putting on C-store shelves. Meanwhile, it's probably the least available, at least in our area, of all the Monster products. Seriously, are people clamoring that much for a resealable can that we need 3-5 rows of Monster Import? Can someone just start putting energy drinks in resealable 20oz. bottles? For a while, we were getting 1 liter Rockstar bottles at Big Lots. We wandered, who dropped the ball on getting those in the hands of consumers?

Either way, Monster doesn't do a lot to promote M-80, I'm assuming since it's still available, someone is buying it. After tasting it, I'm imagining the people buying it are the ones that alredy know how good it is. With regards to energy juices, I believe Monster M-80 is bested only by another Hansen Natural product, Tango Energy Juice (Hansen's juice line is the same as Monster, for all intents and purposes, but the can makes adults more comfortable that they aren't buying a kids drink).

Price, effectiveness, taste and quantity all get a thumbs up in my book.

Monster M-80 Energy Juice can or bottle design and textual information
Monster M-80 comes in the juice can, almost identical to Monster Khaos and Monster Mixxd. The can design is similar to Monster Assault as well. The can looks like riveted steel, perhaps like something out of the "Doom" series of fps games. There are a couple of openings in the middle, the most predominant displays the Monster claw in yellow/orange, and the bottom "M-80" in yellow. The front also says "Monster" in white and "energy plus juice" in yellow and white. The rim of the can reads, "L-Carnitine, Taurine, Ginseng, B Vitamins".

Sometimes I wonder who writes the stuff on the back of the Monster can, I think it's the character "Uncle Joey" from the raucous 90's sitcom "Full House". It reads, "The Juice is Loose...The magical smells in the air, driving to the Monster Energy Pipeline Pro Surf competition on the North Shore of Oahu was our inspiration for new..." new? Maybe time for an update after 6 years? "Monster M-80. We started with a killer combo of local tropical juices, added in some original Monster flavor, then souped it up with a full load of our potent Monster Energy blend. Banzai! Monster M-80....another radical 'Juice Monster' hybrid with explosive flavor..." Well, Khaos certainly tastes like shrapnel, "and the big bad Monster buzz you know and love! 80% juice - 100% Monster!"

Consumer Reviews

Bob@2012-04-10 14:02:53
This energy drink is very cool and officent. I think that this energy drink is also sometimes tastes like poop. Comment by Jason: I have no idea if Bob does or does not like the taste of poop, but I agree, Monster M-80 sometimes tastes like it
244@2012-02-25 13:57:10
What happened to M-80 it was the best flavor monster ?!?
HootersGurl@2011-10-24 16:39:50
I love the Monster M-80, it's one of the best of the Monster line I've had. Very tasty. :3
jack gold@2011-07-08 16:09:33
i hated m-80 this is probably the worst monster next to mixxd im sorry but to me this stuff is disgusting!
Dan@2011-07-08 16:09:06
Monster M 80 is the best tasting Juice energy drink because of the strong pineapple flavor. Only problem is finding it. I live in upstate New York and it is next to impossible to find the M 80!
deeosee@2011-05-26 13:27:21
This Monster M-80 is pretty good. Eighty per-cent fruit juice makes it very drinkable IMHO especially on ice. I haven't tried it with light rum, but suspect it will make a decent summer cooler. Energy part is for me about the same as a cup of coffee, certainly not the eye-opener that Nitrous Semi-Dry is. But the Nitrous product isn't nearly as tasty.
Mrs. Bieber@2011-04-14 12:33:59
love monster m-80 but cant have it mom and dad want let me but i can see why Edited by Jason: I can see why too, fruit juice has a lot of carbohydrates. I'd much rather eat commercially available corn that's registered as a pesticide.
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