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Efusjon's RAW

Where can I buy Efusjon's RAW? Darrell Catmull
How much does Efusjon's RAW cost? $2.66

What's in Efusjon's RAW?

Nutritional Information
Size: 8.4 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Efusjon RAW contains the following mg/USRDA per serving (1), whichever or both if listed: Calories 60, Carbohydrates 15g/5%, Vitamin A 25%, Vitamin C 250%, Vitamin E 100%, Niacin 50%, Vitamin B6 125%, Vitamin B12 125%, Panthotenic Acid 50%, Ascorbic Acid 250%, Riboflavin 50%, Thiamin 50%, Inositol (Undetermined value), D-ribose (Undetermined value), Folic Acid 100%, Biotin 50%, Selenium 100%, . Efusjon RAW also contains carbonated water, crystalline fructose, organic clarified acai juice concentrate, fruit extracts (chokeberry, blueberry, elderberry, black currant, apple), natural flavors and citric acid.

Jason's Review

efusjon (which appears to be pronounced eh - fuzz - jun) is a product attached to a "club" program. They have a revolutionary "Pay it Forward" program, which I was unable to identify as having anything to do with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt or Haley Joel Osment. For whatever reason, the efusjon business owner who sent us the efusjon, Darrell Catmull, sent us efusjon "Raw", which is caffeine free. I can't say that, if attempting to directly compete with heavy-hitters like Nitrous Monster, DynaPep, and Jolt that I would have sent the non-caffeinated version of this drink (there are three other versions, Breeze, Dawn and Edge which all have 60mg of caffeine per can) as the initial product for review, but i digress.

I think efusjon tastes pretty good. As described on the can, it's lightly carbonated. I find it refreshing, and not overpowering to the palate. I don't really have a drink I can compare it to, but I can safely say it tastes fruity (not fruity like wedding planner David Tutera, but fruity like something that came out of a juice tiger). It does have a slightly bitter taste, which I would normally say comes from the caffeine, but this has no caffeine. The bitterness isn't really distracting for me, it gives the drink a little bite that tingles in the jaws. efusion Raw tastes a little "dry". As I take a sip, I'm compelled to take another sip, it's good, but not particularly thirst quenching, so I polish off a can in short order, and I'm still thirsty - if not more thirsty.

I drank efusjon raw after a relatively short night's sleep. I expected to be tired all day, and develop a caffeine headache around noon. I drank efusjon around 10am, and had no caffeine until I drank an unsweetened tea at Qdoba around 12:30-1pm. I didn't develop the caffeine headache (or explosive diarrhea) I'd expected, and I felt awake and alert, even though it was a rainy/overcast day. I was pretty impressed. By no means am I putting this on par with most of the heavily caffeinated beverages, but I'd say it's as affective as any other noncaffeinated beverage.

efusion is almost a carbon copy of the Verve! program. A program that didn't work. In fact, we were openly critical of the program. We were contacted by a brand consulting company that asked us our unadulterated opinion about Verve!. I responed, "As a whole, we don't particularly advocate Verve. At the time we reviewed it, it was a part of a pyramid/amway-type program (I realize it may be in your best interest to find discrepancies
within the previous statement). As a whole, if it's not available in a store, or a simple 2-3 click add to cart website, the product has made the acquisition process too exclusive for us. The problem lies
in that there are about 300 energy products I can get in the aforementioned manner. I don't know where Verve! stands now, but efusjon is attempting the same approach, XS Energy has always been through amway/quixtar. No matter how much I like the products, I'm turned off by the people that ultimately represent the products. I get claims from affiliates/members stating that they 'have exclusive rights to distribute this product'. To which the brand consultant responded, "Our working with Verve directly to bring their product to the masses. We're currently working on a complete redesign of both the website and the brand itself. The new website will provide consumers with the ability to purchase the product just like retail without having to go through affiliates or members." While I believe that Verve and efusjon are reasonable products, I think that nearly $3/can for both was a ridiculous price point, having to either become a member, or do business with a "independent business owner" is as rewarding as dropping a deuce in a toilet paperless California pay toilet.

Guests's Review

I was a bit thrown off initially by the odd spelling of "Efusjon". It almost appears that there was perhaps a typo and the can editor just decided that "It's so crazy that it just might work". Unfortunately for them, their zany naming conventions are lost on me. As for the beverage itself, it was overall pretty tasty. I expected it to taste like purple due to the color of the can and I must say that I wasn't disappointed. If you enjoy berries, you'll like this drink because it's chock full of them! Not only does it contain the latest "in" berry in the energy revolution, the acai berry, it also contains blueberry, elderberry and chokeberry.

Now If you're like me, you probably want to know the specifics on something called a chokeberry before shoving it down your throat hole. After doing a bit of research (aka looking it up on Wikipedia), I found that the chokeberry has one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants so I guess that that's a good thing. It's also noted that chokeberries are known for their astringent taste and are typically brewed up with some black currant to get rid of the nasty taste. The good news is that efusjon also includes black currant.

I am a bit concerned about the cost of Efusjon RAW. The average joe price on efusjon is about $2.66 per can. To me, this is an INSANE price for a 8.4 oz can of juice. Now you can get a better price if you enter the efusjon matrix. You can take the red pill and join their affiliate program which could possibly grant you limitless wealth (and by limitless I mean 15 levels deep and $600,000 per month) and power beyond your wildest dreams, as long as that power involves convincing everyone you know to enter the efusjon matrix.

As for the flavor of Efusjon RAW itself, it's not terrible tasting but I did find that it was a bit dry. Also, I didn't feel particularly energized after drinking one. As previously mentioned, the taste can accurately be described as purple. Now I wouldn't say that it tastes like grapes, but it most definitely tastes like something that should be legally required to come in a purple can. If you've ever had a purple Flintstones chewable vitamin, you know the taste that I'm talking about.

From an energy perspective, I didn't feel noticeably more energetic after consuming Efusjon RAW. When I drank it, it was on an empty stomach so that may or may not have something to do with it. According to the can, my body and taste buds should be craving it but I have yet to feel the crave. I'm not sure of the electrolyte content of Efusjon RAW but then again, I'm not a plant so that shouldn't really affect my crave factor.

Efusjon's RAW can or bottle design and textual information
This very purple can plays host to the efusjon "e" logo, which for some reason resembles a boat propeller. The front of the can points out that it's a "lightly carbonated" and "low calorie" "Acai Berry Energy Drink" and that it's "ENERGY FOR EVERYONE". The back of the can states, "The all natural antioxidant/energy drink you have been looking for is finally here. It offers remarkable taste, packs tremendous energy and delivers health and vitality! Whether you're 18 or 80, Efusjon's "RAW", is a delicious energy drink that gives your body exactly what it needs to thrive throughout the day! The rich, smooth flavor od Efusjon's "RAW", is a taste you can enjoy anytime - completely guilt-free. So start your day with delicious, nutritious energy your body and taste buds will crave! Cheers!"

Consumer Reviews

Bill Lindsey@2011-07-08 16:14:37
Where can I buy more efusjon RAW,Thanks Edited by Jason: I think Efusjon is a multi-level marketing scheme. It may be easier to find someone who wants to recruit you to sell to yourself than someone who will sell you the drink.
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