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NOS Energy Powershot

Where can I buy NOS Energy Powershot? Cashion's Quick Stop in Cornelius, NC
How much does NOS Energy Powershot cost? $2.99

What's in NOS Energy Powershot?

Nutritional Information
Size: 2.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
I'm not even sure why we're still writing this, or why you're still reading it. Just don't buy this drink, and you don't need to worry about the nutritional information. I guess there's some lesson to be learned from us all persevering through the "active ingredients" of this product that I'd otherwise describe as "contaminated water". This bottle contains 1 serving (2fl. oz.) and here's the crap that's in it that inexplicably makes it taste so bad: calories 25, carbs 7g/2% USRDA, sugar 6g, riboflavin (B2) 100% USRDA, niacin (B3) 100% USRDA, Vitamin B5 100% USRDA, Vitamin B6 100% USRDA, Vitamin B12 100% USRDA, Vitamin E 100% USRDA, caffeine 125mg, inositol 25mg, taurine 25mg, green tea polyphenols 25mg, green tea catechins 20mg.

Jason's Review

As we've all been told, "If you don't have anything 'good' to say, don't say anything at all." With that in mind, it's good that I'm done drinking NOS Energy Powershot. It's also very good for them that I didn't review it immediately after drinking it. Furthermore, it's good that I never have to buy another one.

I'm sure somewhere there's a person that wants their energy shot to smell and taste like fruit flavorless extra-mediciney cough syrup. It's very likely that those people also don't want their energy shot to make them exceptionally more energetic. That very small demographic of rich people who want to spend a lot of money for a product that offers those exact features are going to love NOS Energy Powershot.

So, it's good that I won't be buying any more of these, because that means that there will be scores of these dust-covered bottles of gall for those indiscriminate shoppers who like overpaying for hot garbage in a poorly color-coordinated package.

Guests's Review

To anyone from NOS reading this review, I'll apologize for its undeviating ridicule of your product as soon as you apologize for making NOS Energy Powershot in the first place. You don't have to do EVERYTHING that every other company is doing. Just because Monster and every other energy drink company decided to follow 5-hour energy's lead and make a bad tasting, overpriced, marginally effective energy shot, doesn't mean you had to as well. The fact is, and I've said it before, 5-hour energy is outdated, there are more effective, better tasting products on the market, particularly if you're willing the pay the $3/each that they're still asking for 5-hour energy in convenience stores.

We don't re-review drinks, fact is 2-4 years ago, when we reviewed 5-hour energy, those were pretty good, and if you wanted a 2oz. energy shot, they were one of the only games in town, along with Stacker 2 Yellow Jackets (which is one of the few products I'd put on par with NOS Powershot), Rocket Shot (which you'll note, or review for pre-dates 5-hour energy), or Upshot (which you'll note we rated perfect 10s on energy, and totally deplorably on taste). Point being, you couldn't have the best of both worlds, and we truthfully believed that anything strong and small had to taste bad. I still speculate that 5-hour energy tried to combat this by nerfing the caffeine potency from the original formula. Taking all this into account, if we did re-review 5-hour energy, in light of new products, like, 925 Energy Power Shot and Redfin, it would get much lower marks. This is evidenced by our more recent review of chaser's "top of the line" product 5-hour energy extra strength, which I think is far more indicative of where 5-hour energy's strongest product fits into today's market.

So, why all the fuss? There are good products out there, like 925 and Redfin, but people are still talking about 5-hour energy, and people are still making "5-hour energy-like" products. This one seems like it was shoveled out to market so fast that they just skipped the taste test (they must have, because there's no other explanation for letting it out the door). This has 75mg less caffeine than redfin, same amount of fluid, and while redfin goes down smoothly, NOS Energy Powershot burns in your throat like swallowing the remnants of your own vomit. I didn't even really detect a flavor that was supposed to mask the caffeine bitterness. I tastes almost like they poured headache powder into a bottle with some water and sugar, then let that concoction soak with a AA battery for a few weeks before distributing it to the unwelcoming general public. Here's an idea, if you're going to slap a purple label on a product, after you've already made a enjoyable canned grape product that comes in a purple package...try making the purple labeled product grape flavored. I know, that sounds insane, but it's probably a better idea than making it "BC Extra Strength Headache Powder" flavor.

In all fairness, this is probably as good as a lot of other energy shots on the market. The taste is so bad, and the price is so high, it's just against everything in me to say anything good about this product. So, if you want to waste $3 on a product that taste like your own throw up, your reward will be an energy experience that's comparable to the outer to middle ring of an energy shot skee ball roll.

To give you an idea of how swindled I feel having spent $3 on NOS Energy Powershot, I believe I'd rather spend $3 on any combination of other products within the store that tally up to $3, including box of 8 super absorbent pantie-liners and nudie tattoo book from the bathroom vending machine.

NOS Energy Powershot can or bottle design and textual information
NOS Energy Powershot comes in a blue bottle with a purple cap, and purple/metallic label. The colors don't particularly look good together, IMHO. As an added bonus, the ultra-tiny black text on the dark purple (on the back) is almost impossible to read. Some bottles feature a layer of dust on the cap, as this one does, from sitting on the counter for months with little to no customer interest. Under the layer of dust, on my bottle, I found a ridiculous $2.99 bright orange pricetag, which I'd imagine is, in addition to the product being rubbish, the reason these have dust on them. Ok, let's talk about the rest of the text, as if anyone should even read it, "Antioxidant Boost Formula" is written in bright yellow text, then in black text, on the shiny silver portion, "This is not NOS Energy Drink! Powershot is highly concentrated and more powerful". At the bottom, "2 FL OZ - 60ml Liquid Energy Supplement". After nearly giving myself a headache trying to read the black on purple that's on the back of the label, here's a synopses:
  • Hope you never have to contact the makers of this drink, I think their contact information is indiscernible...after tasting the product, that may be intentional
  • The ingredients are also unreadable, so just hope that "Do not use as an embalming fluid" isn't in the fine print.
  • Kids, pregnant people, nursing people, and people who throw temper tantrums when their mom cancels their World of Warcraft account shouldn't drink this.
  • Caffeine content is (just like every other energy shot on the market) similar to that of a cup of coffee...limit other caffeine intake to avoid the shakes, or whatever.

Consumer Reviews

Kessler@2012-11-26 15:46:21
Matt@2011-01-26 15:14:50
And Jane, there's taurine in almost every energy drink and shot.
Matt@2011-01-13 12:05:25
Actually, this is NOS Powershot X. As big as the X is, I would think one (in this case, two) would see it. That's why it's purple. NOS Powershot is orange and tastes better (not by a lot). Edited by Jason: We've been known to miss the painfully obvious, at least, that's what my wife's boyfriend says.
jane@2010-06-30 13:13:33
I'm addicted to the taurine in NOS Powershot. I love it!
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