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World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Where can I buy World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Game Fuel? We acquired these without a monetary exchange
How much does World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Game Fuel cost? $1.19

What's in World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Game Fuel?

Nutritional Information
Size: 20.0 FL OZ
Servings: 2.5
This drink contains good old-fashioned high fructose corn syrup and caffeine. You might ask, as thousands of rtards have asked concerning our review of Vault, which we posted after thousands of other rtards asked us to review it, since it claimed to "kick like an energy drink". Both these drinks contain approximately 30g of sugar per serving (2.5 servings per bottle), resulting in about 300 calories per bottle. Concerning caffeine, 49mg per serving, or 121mg per bottle. 121mg is the same as 1.5 Red Bull Energy Drinks for those who foolishly consider it the "gold standard". Unless the approximately 100mg of sodium energizes you personally, that's the end of the energizing ingredients.

Jason's Review

Due the insolence of some delivery person, we did not get the pre-release of this drink. We were slated to receive it, and I've seen images floating around the intertubes of undecorated cans, adorned only with postage stickies labeled "MD Game Fuel LTO Citru Cherry #627". I can only imagine how 1337 I would have been with a 6 pack of pre-release "This product is only for testing not for resale" cans of Alliance Blue and Horde Red Mtn Dew Game Fuel.

We did eventually come to lay our filthy hands on some, after pick pocketing tons of "course stuff" and a "rogues diary". Without question, we found that Game Fuel isn't lacking in sugar content. If you put maple syrup on your spaghetti, you'll love both flavors of Game Fuel. I personally enjoy the Horde flavor more, partially because I hate the Alliance, also because it tastes better, and after drinking it I don't look like I ate a quart of blueberries. Both these drinks taste like high fructose corn syrup, so you'll love it!

OK, so not only are you going to give yourself cavities hearting these new Mtn Dew Game Fuel World of Warcraft flavors, you can also sign up, get those promotional emails (that you love so much, you should marry them) and a chance to win sweet prizes like messenger bags, t-shirst, gaming mice, headphones, and even a laptop. You heard me right, messenger bag! So that I can win myself a messenger bag, I need you to click on the following link, sign up, and then encourage all your friends to do the same...then somehow someone gets a Ferarri. That's not true, I made that up so you would sign up by clicking the link below...and making all your dreams come true. OK, that's not true either. Just click on the banner below, and join the Horde.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Horde Banner

These drinks are as energizing as any other Mountain Dew product (energy drink or regular soda). You could have told me this was an Amp flavor, and I wouldn't have questioned it. For a cheap price, it's got a reasonable allotment of caffeine and enough sugar to satisfy even the portliest of cake-loving hyperactive children. It's a good value, buy it, drink it and enjoy it. Oh, did I mention to also click on the banner above and signup...I need that messenger bag.

Guests's Review

Like most single males my age, I used to play World of Warcraft online with my girlfriend, until she met her new boyfriend, got pregnant, got married and met another new boyfriend online, while I'm assuming the infant was left to fend for himself. Running raids with my ex, her boyfriend (who I think may have a boyfriend now) and the rest of our guild started to become awkward, particularly when they would make fun of me on Vent. Fortunately, when WOTLK came out, I was able to move my toons to a less populated server, where I met several persons claiming to be lovely ladies.

I played the WoW until the beginning of 2009, when one of my online "babes" suggested I "get a life" and go "meet some real girls". I immediate realized a couple of things, #1 "MissStory18" was neither a female or 18 and #2 He/she was right, I was never going to meet a person worth taking to a Lee Greenwood concert playing World of Warcraft.

So ended my World of Warcraft career. I've since found about 8 spare hours a day to do things like: bathe, eat, defecate in the toilet, use facebook, and watch 'Charles in Charge' on Netflix (the latter probably being the most constructive of the aforementioned).

The red/Horde/health World of Warcraft Mtn Dew tastes like a more cherry flavored Cherry Sun Drop. Since I love Cherry Sundrop, I'd say that's a big win. The blue/Alliance/mana World of Warcraft Mtn Dew tastes like a very sweet drink that's not tart like the red/Horde/health flavor. I can't say that I taste the "Wild Fruit" reported on the bottle, but it still tastes great, albeit thick and rattlingly sweet.

Both of these drinks have the capacity to turn your teeth/lips a different color. The red, not so bad, if you enjoy a beverage the way I do, the blue Dew will leave your entire mouth looking like you just ate a piece of blue mouth gag candy.

For $1.19 each (cheaper if you buy the 12oz can 12 packs), this is a good buy. My only gripe is the sugar content, but if you are a fan of the Monster Energy, Rockstar, or even the "other" unofficial drink for gamers, Game Juice, I'm guessing you expect this much sugar.

If you're a former WoW player, you'll enjoy the nostalgic value of Mtn Dew Game Fuel. After a few swigs from your favorite faction, you may hear the distant "drums of war thunder once again". FOR THE HORDE!

World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Game Fuel can or bottle design and textual information
The name of the beverage is officially written "Mtn Dew" on both the "alliance" and "horde" flavors. The Alliance/mana drink is blue in color, the Horde/health drink is red. The bottles are the same form factor as standard Mountain Dew, with the labels being themed for World of Warcraft factions. The Alliance bottle features the familiar (seemingly more clothed) blueish/purple-haired iconic Night Elf woman, and the Horde bottle features the angry, likely club-wielding, Orc (seemingly more armored). These characters go back the the original video:

Otherwise, the label has the World of Warcarft border style that any WoW player or WoW website visitor will find familiar to their eyeballs. The "Mtn Dew Game Fuel" portion appears to glowing, perhaps it has been enchanted with a plus damage enchant.

The Horde flavor is described as "DEW with a Blast of Citrus Cherry Flavor", and the Alliance flavor is described as "DEW with a Punch of Wild Fruit Flavor".

Consumer Reviews

romoe@2011-05-06 15:13:58
WoW mountain dew was soooooo goooood!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahaaa@2011-04-04 13:46:39
Blue is awesome! You can buy it as Mtn Dew. Voltage! Delicious blue raspberry taste :D
money @2010-10-13 19:29:15
the blue game fuel is awesome!
Jimmeh@2010-05-17 12:42:57
Yea World of Warcraft Mountain Dew tastes great, but didnt give me any energy. Perhaps I need more?
Ryan Goss:)@2009-09-03 13:36:52
I love love love Mtn Dew World of Warcraft Game Fuel!
mike roe@2009-08-17 13:56:27
Everything mtn dew makes is genius!
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