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DyanPep Energy Micro-Shot Fresh Mint

Where can I buy DyanPep Energy Micro-Shot Fresh Mint? Dynapep website, in theory
How much does DyanPep Energy Micro-Shot Fresh Mint cost? $2.99

What's in DyanPep Energy Micro-Shot Fresh Mint?

Nutritional Information
Size: 0.1 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
DynaPep Energy Micro-Shot Fresh Mint differs slightly in formula from the original that we reviewed, so pay close attention, or you might miss something important. Here are the active ingredients in DynaPep in mg/% USRDA (whichever is available, or both, if listed): Proprietary 165.9mg blend of undisclosed amounts of the following: (They do disclose the amount of caffeine) Caffeine Anhydroud 80mg, 2-Amino 4-Methyl Hexane HCL, Omega H2O (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), L-Taurine, Alpha Lipoic Acid. Also, 2 calories and 1g of fat.

Jason's Review

As an avid consumer of DynaPep, I've done some experimentation, and I have some important info that I think will help make your DynaPep experience more bear-blastingly awesome! The general concept is that DynaPep is a dietary supplement. Just like a nuclear bodybuilder doesn't get juiced up on slop, without also working out, eating high protein diet, getting massages, etc. DynaPep works in tandem with sleep and caloric intake to make you an unstoppable force of nature.

  1. As the package states, don't take this on an empty stomach. My experience is that DynaPep works like a turbo in a car. Calories are the fuel, DynaPep kicks in and adds extra horespower. If you take DynaPep, and don't eat for 5 hours, don't expect positive results 5 hours later. This isn't an inherent flaw in the product. People require calories, stop thinking like anorexic j-14 readers, and eat a sensible meal/snack periodically when consuming DynaPep

  2. DynaPep is not sleep replacement (neither is any other energy product). DynaPep is not formulated to just get you jacked up on caffeine, it's a time-released formula that provides sustained energy over a long period of time. It's not to help you cram for a midterm after an all-night binger.

  3. For me, DynaPep provides far more physical energy than mental focus/clarity. For example, I would take DynaPep before trying to rip a tree stump out of the ground with my bare hands, but not before listening to a three hour lecture. In fact, I've found that DynaPep works best if you just perpetually stay moving and active. You'll be amazed how much you get done. The only problem is, people might think you're tweaking.

While I would have never thought of making an energy product out of mint, it successfully covers the taste of the caffeine, and is no more potent than chewing a couple of Altoids. I would consider this far more conventionally acceptable for the masses than the original. It's a absolute win-win-win for DynaPep consumers, Intocell (makers of DynaPep), and me for getting to sample it before it was available to the general public.

We are currently unable to feature DynaPep in our energy drink store. I'd like to offer it in the future. Currently, DynaPep Website is the most reliable way to acquire DynaPep (it's also available at Walgreens, Hess, and GNC and other convenience stores and drug stores), but I'm not aware of anywhere you can acquire Fresh Mint at this time. We expect it to retail for $2.99, as the Stig stated, we're optimistic values, bargains, coupons or special promotions might make it available, at least on occasion, for less.

Guests's Review

Ok, so the original DynaPep didn't win any awards for taste. In retrospect, we probably should have scored original DynaPep more highly in the overall rating. See, for about the past 2 years, we've been more strict about basing the overall scoring of a product by the average of the individual taste, energy, value ratings. This standardization seemed reasonable at the time, when energy shots (and now micro-shots) comprised such as small portion of the industry. As we've considered this, I think it becomes clear that anyone purchasing a 2oz. energy shot, and certainly anyone purchasing a 4ml micro-shot, is likely far more concerned with the energy delivered than how the product tastes. After all, it's not like you're drinking a Monster BFC/XXL of this stuff. In addition, comparing the "10" energy rating of this product to the "10" that Angie awarded Monster XXL just isn't fair. DyanaPep is more like a 13 in comparison to Monster XXL's 10.

With that being said, I'm pleased to say that feedback about the taste of the original may have resulted in a logical step-forward in flavor development. The original DynaPep was somewhat jarring to the palate for first time consumers (and admittedly it grows on you, while the Stig originally gave it a 1 on taste, I think 3-4 would be a more fair assessment of the overall experience after consuming a few). Fresh Mint is an excellent approach for a few reasons: Because breath mints, toothpaste, and other overtly flavorful products are mint based, we have a natural tendency to expect mint-flavored products to have a powerful flavor. The genius of this development is compounded by the fact that such a small quantity consumed is comparable to a breath mint or breath spray. Lastly, and as you may have concluded, you get the added bonus of a shot of short-lived fresh breath, which stands in stark contrast to the alligator breath you wield after guzzling down a 300 calorie meal of Monster XXL.

How does it stack up on energy? Quite simply, I feel like a chemically calculated military weapon after drinking DyanaPep. A veritable "Abomination" if you will, without the physical women-repulsion aspects.

At the time of this review, the mint was not yet available on the DynaPep Website. I remember being told that the samples I was being sent were a pre-release, so I'm sure they will be available soon. Store retail on these is $2.99, which is pricey, but it's a stout product. If these were $2, I'd be tempted to give DynaPep Energy Micro-Shot Fresh Mint at perfect 10 overall.

DyanPep Energy Micro-Shot Fresh Mint can or bottle design and textual information
This particular packaging has 2 micro-shots per container. I assume that the single blister packs are available in Fresh Mint, as they are in the Original DynaPep Energy Micro-Shot. The packaging differs slightly from the original:

  • The radical hot wheels flames have been replaced with a refreshing water droplet background.

  • New claims of 10x the power and up to 10 hours adorn the front

  • "New" has been added, and "As Seen on TV" has been removed (I think both are wise business decisions)

  • As you may have expected, "Fresh Mint Flavor" is listed on the front

The statements and precautions on the back read about the same as the original. Essentially don't take more than 2, and don't take on an empty stomach. Also, the warnings about people under 15, people with health problems, nursing or pregnant. Lastly, the statement that states that statements have not been evaluated by the statement evaluation people at the Food and Drug Administration....statement.

Consumer Reviews

Shellie@2011-01-13 12:13:11
DynaPep was soooo great! I never even felt sleepy when I was done.
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