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OC Energy Insane XXX Energy Shot

Where can I buy OC Energy Insane XXX Energy Shot? Online Store
How much does OC Energy Insane XXX Energy Shot cost? $2.41

What's in OC Energy Insane XXX Energy Shot?

Nutritional Information
Size: 2.0 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Unspecified amounts of taurine, caffeine, and guarana. Also, the following daily recommended allowance % per serving of the following: carbs 3%, niacin 130%, folate 100%, Vitamin C 100%, B6 100%, B12 130%. Don't forget the "hangover supplement".

Jason's Review

With the name Insane XXX Energy, you would think this drink comes from Van Nuys, not the OC, then, I'm not sure there's a lot of difference. Well, it tastes ok, but as we've covered in the past, the taste isn't very important when there's only 2 oz. of it. Most importantly, the taste is not vile, like Stacker 2 Yellow Jacket Energy Shot. It's blue, and it does go down a little bitter, so be prepared.

WARNING: don't try to do anything that involves intellectual aptitude after drinking this. I felt like a Neanderthal. Anything that didn't immediately work the way I expected was beaten with a large stick, and defecated upon (yes, I stole that from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, forgive me for not being original, I drank OC Energy Insane XXX, I lack the cerebral capacity to be witty). On the positive side, I had enough energy to invent sports like bear-blasting and hump-catting (Yes, I stole that from the Powerthirst 2 video, who made you the internet copyright infringement cyber patrol?).

Anyway, it's an ok value at $2.41, but it won't change your life.

Guests's Review

I covered most of the unsavory things I have to say about the "The Real Desperate Housewives (err just dubiously promiscuous women) of the OC (or surrounding 150 mile radius)" in our OC Energy Kik-It Original Energy Drink review. That being said, or read, whichever the case may be, this drink is much better. I actually find the taste more pleasing, which is unexpected since most energy shots are fairly potent and bitter (not saying this one goes down like a caramel mocha frappuccino, but compared to the original 10 oz. drink, this isn't that much more strong/bitter). I'd say this is better tasting than the original 5 hour energy formula, but not quite so pleasing as the new flavor.

I was also impressed with its effectiveness. This was great for physical exertion style energy. I felt a little like Popeye after drinking it, and disappointingly, I was driving a car for about an hour after taking it, instead of rock climbing, barrel throwing, anchor dragging, car lifting, or any other of the strong man competition events. I was a little tempted to pull over and wrestle some deer to the ground with my bare hands, but alas, most of the deer on the road were already on the ground...because they were dead...and dead deer don't put up much of a fight. I feel it's worth noting that they also tell no tales, then, neither do live deer, to my knowledge.

The best price on these, $2.41/each. While they are effective, and seem like they would be good for people looking for energy for activities, like hiking, or cycling, this drink is pricey. Most of the energy shots listed on this site were originally purchased for $3/each, but many can be purchased online now for around $2. Perhaps if they cut the Hummer and skank marketing budget, these would be cheaper.

OC Energy Insane XXX Energy Shot can or bottle design and textual information
My initial thoughts on the packaging are this: The mini-dumbbell bottle is extra cute. This bottle contains the same set of pompous-looking people that are featured on all the OC bottles, but they're smaller, so by proxy they are cuter, and less threatening. The cap is a regular sized cap with a regular safety seal, like you might find on a 20oz. Coke product, if one was to sell out enough to drink a Coke product. Why is this important? Well, I've found that the mini caps, which are on 5 Hour Energy Shot and On Go Energy Shot have a tendency to leak. Those products have combated this with the shrink-wrap seal, so it keeps it from leaking into your pocket, purse, etc. but you still might have some leaked residue when you open the cap. Not a nightmarish problem, but worth noting. OC energy shot uses the old-fashioned cap to eliminate the problem altogether. Otherwise, it is called the "Insane XXX Energy Drink", so there are certainly points off for hiring adolescents at the height of puberty to head up your drink naming duties. Also, includes hangover supplement, for people who need a quick fix for their irresponsible living.

Consumer Reviews

Fajita@2010-05-06 15:44:28
OC Energy Insane XXX sucks!
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