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Monster Energy XXL

Where can I buy Green Monster XXL? BP Charlotte, NC
How much does Green Monster XXL cost? $2.99

What's in Monster Energy XXL?

Nutritional Information
Size: 23.5 FL OZ
Servings: 3.0
Per serving it contains the same as the 16oz Monster but just for the fun, this can contains 3000mg taurine, 600mg ginseng, 7500mg energy blend - caffeine, guarana, l-carnitine, and inositol.

Jason's Review

It's like Monster, only bigger. I've always found the "green" monster a little on the thick side. When it's extra-cold, it goes down pretty smoothly, when it's not, it's like chugging maple syrup, and when they get that syrup in them, they get all antse in the pantsy. At 300 calories, this is reasonably sized snack or lite lunch, and enough fluid that you don't want to guzzle it down before a long drive, or 4 hour lecture, unless you plan on taking frequent potty breaks. Without a doubt, it's energizing, the sugar alone makes you spaz out like bobcats on booze. The value is very good, compare this to a dinky can of red bull for $2, forget about it. This is the most energy you can get for $3.

Guests's Review

The original Monster will always be my favorite. It has everything in perfect proportion. Perfect flavor, heavy on the syrup, and just enough carbonation. The 16 oz can has always been enough for me, but now that there is the 23.5 oz can, that's all changed and only for a dollar extra. It's almost three times the size of a Red Bull. Bigger is better! If you chug down the Monster as fast as I do, that's definitely a bonus. You may want to have a quick snack before partaking in the XXL because it will give you the hand shakes. Cheers!

Monster Energy XXL can or bottle design and textual information
The Monster XXL can is awe inspiring. When you see it you almost have to take a second to realize that no one is there to cue the angelic harp music. At nearly 24oz you'll never look at those 8oz energy drinks the same way. It raises the bar in the energy drink industry. The can is all black with the Monster logo in bright, electric green. The simplicity of the can design is great. The XXL font reminds me of the superbowl.

As with the Bookoo drinks, riding in a car is awkward, if your cup holder is big enough to hold the bottom, it's so top-heavy when it's full, it wants to turn over. Or, in compact cars, often the cup holders are mounted under the radio/air condition controls, and the can is too tall to fit under.

Consumer Reviews

Shannon Anderson@2013-01-29 09:03:32
This energy drink is the bomb i'm filled with energy
Concerned@2012-12-05 16:56:23
two of these large cans of monster will KILL YOU! isaw it on the news! don't drink these large monster drinks, or monster drinks at all! they are bad for your health, and drinking multiples is deadly!
ryan@2011-12-01 16:03:14
Monster is very good
shelby cruz@2011-10-24 17:09:49
i love monster they are really cool i tried all of them and i like rockstar too whoooo!!!!!!
Vince@2011-07-08 16:29:49
If you're a Mountain Dew dude, this is a great fit for you to step into energy drinks. Though not exactly the same flavor, it's close enough to enjoy. The best flavor of all the Monsters IMO, and much better than any of the others I've had.
Lathrop@2011-05-06 14:53:09
Just chugged a Monster XXL before writing this, I feel fantastic... Anyway, the taste is the best of any energy drink I've ever had, take my word- Its Pretty Fantastic. The buzz kicks in immediately after you drink it, an added bonus. No complaints here, but don't drink too much of it, as you might wake up with a european swallow in your room and an odd looking amish man standing next to your bed... Damn.
cameron@2010-10-21 17:48:50
why do people drink Monster? its unhealthy as hell! having tons of sugar in your system does not help you. Even soda is better than this. it's nothing but sugar. Edited by Jason: Well, nothing except sugar, caffeine, ginseng, b-vitamins and taurine...but, yes, like you said. "Even soda is better than this". You don't sound ignorant at all. SRSLY
William@2010-10-08 13:12:22
Two main reasons why I love monster: the taste, and its image.
The flavor of Monster is hard to place, it's very distinctive and when cold is absolutely delicious. First breaking into the can gets me very excited, and the fact the normal cans are 16oz means you can take properly sized sips - this gets you a full hit of the taste, I haven't had this huge variant yet but I can imagine it's even better,
Normally I don't down it all at once, having it on hand when I'm wandering out is perfect. I've noticed after warming up the taste changes completely from a smooth, delicate flavour to a sludgy mess that irritates your throat. I'd guess it's meant to be had quickly, but the warmer the temperature the quicker this is going to happen.
Overall, the energy boost is great and surpasses a lot of other things I've seen. Monster seem to take the energy content pretty seriously, which explains the consistency of it over the other types; whereas the taste can fall considerably. Combined with the claw logo, sponsoring extreme sports and musicians, and the general "attitude" of the brand makes it just that bit better to know you're drinking Monster.

yurr mama@2010-09-30 12:07:50
i think monster drinks are very tasty but bad for you. Edited by Jason: What about bacon? ice cream? coca-cola? orange juice? I'm starting to feel like Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" defending the Red Ryder BB Gun.
PowerKingen@2010-09-24 12:53:02
I wonder why it has become so popular among the people??... hehe xD I don't like the flavor, but the logo is cool... well, I give it +++ cause the popularity and because alot of extreme sport athletes drinks it and have Monster as a sponsor :)
Dennis@2010-09-23 14:18:24
With Monster, you can get two loads of laundry done, yer apartment cleaned up, and two loads of dishes cleaned. But a few hours later, you sit on the toilet with watery diarrhea, two or three times. Have Immodium tablets on hand!!!!!!
Shugha@2010-09-15 12:32:18
I like the new capped can for monster on the monster import. The idea is awesome!
oteo@2010-08-31 16:02:33
Seriously Monster is my favorite tasting energy drink to date. I'd give it a 9.5/10 for taste. It gives me a moderate amount of energy, maybe a 6 or a 7, nothing extremely noticeable anyway. I just drink it for the taste lol.
oteo@2010-08-09 11:08:02
Seriously green monster is my favorite tasting energy drink to date. I'd give it a 9.5/10 for taste. It gives me a moderate amount of energy, maybe a 6 or a 7, nothing extremely noticeable anyway. I just drink it for the taste lol.
erin calgary canada@2010-08-02 15:17:42
GREEN MONSTERS are the best drink ever. love the rush. everyone who doesn't like them keep ur opinions to urself cause us monster drinkers love the monsters .. they are tasty (im a chronic drinker and when i crash i could be beaten up, by a 4 year old) lol but ill never stop drinking them . ill be well into my 70's still buying Monster.
DuGgY@2010-07-19 17:05:05
dude monster XXL is the bomb. I got a buzz within 60 seconds and i was good for the day.
Lauren@2010-07-05 16:40:36
I like the Nitrous Monster the best. I don't really like the regular green monster because it's really thick. Amp has been my favorite energy drink for a while now but once I tasted Nitrous Monster, I AM NEVER GOING BACK! I have at least 1 every few days if I can, I'm so poor.
Nelly@2010-06-30 13:35:24
Monster energy drinks aren't good as some might say they are but believe it or not it can cause many side effects that lead to death. i've drank one and i felt a slight shock pain in my chest which does't lead me good health now after a talk with my doctor. don't let the flovar fool your taste bugs, plus it's way expensive! Edited by Jason: Is there some sort of smear campaign (involving no statistics/science/reasoning) in schools about how unhealthy energy drinks are? I'm starting to get a lot of this on the site, and personally regurgitated to me verbally. I'd be interested in debating the health ramifications of 1 monster per day compared to an order of chicken nuggets and french fries (of which most children in America probably eat 2 servings of the aforementioned per day). Lastly, "Taste bugs", LOLipops.
Wyatt@2010-05-28 12:36:59
i love monster. cheaper than red bull so i buy it. red bull is about the same rating in my opinion as far as taste goes, but its too expensive. monster owns, straight up
monstergurl1@2010-05-25 13:09:40
ok i absoutley love monster, but everytime i drink it my head hurts after it wares off and its just not good for you. It makes people fat and lazy. Edited by Jason: In all fairness, I think being lazy can contribute to being fat, and I think Monster has little to do with people being lazy.
lily@2010-05-13 11:44:44
My boyfriend loves monster, he ended up getting a seizure from them!! monster is no good!
Tori 07@2010-05-06 14:36:23
I love this drink!! monster energy has a good taste and helps keep me up at night when i need to study for a test. it never fails me and Monster is the best energy drink i have ever tried! two thumbs up!!! :)
Gerardo@2010-04-16 13:21:18
I'd just like to say that the original Monster will always be my favorite and, yes, bigger is better!
alec@2010-02-22 21:41:10
monster is by far the best energy drink ever made. for those that say its bad for me and that it will kill me, i could care less. im on my 2nd bfc can of today and im happy as i ever will be so if i die at least ill die a happy death
Rodney @2010-02-18 13:40:18
I myself love monster...and the XXL is not the biggest, it has 24 fluid ounces and where i'm from i can get them at 32 and 64 fluid ounces...Its great...I love monster.
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