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The Beast

Where can I buy The Beast? Gas Station
How much does The Beast cost? $1.99

What's in The Beast?

Nutritional Information
Size: 8.3 FL OZ
Servings: 1.0
Contains saccharin, taurine, caffeine glucuronactone, and inositol.

Jason's Review

Don't get this confused with Milwaukee's Best, commonly referred to as "The Beast", Milwaukee's Best is way too original for this drink. To get the sensation of drinking The Beast, picture yourself in a land of knock offs (perhaps a land where someone watched the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie "Knock Off"). Go to where you might expect to find Red Bull, and you should find The Beast. If you had trouble understanding that analogy, perhaps a SAT-like word association would help.

Transformers is to GoBots as Red Bull is to

a. Madonna
b. Your Mom
c. The Beast
d. All of the Above

I would accept any answer, but I'm driving at "The Beast".

Now, there's no problem with generics, unless, of course, they aren't cheap. This is the ultimate problem with The Beast. At $1.99, this drink rapes the purse like the Social Security system, and leaves you equally as unsatisfied.

The energy, like the taste, is about the same as a Red Bull (as is the packaging and everything else about "The Beast").

What else is there to say? A knock off of Red Bull that costs the same amount? Maybe we've taken $.59 2-liters of Dr. Thunder for granted too long, but I've just come to expect a generic to cost less than the original. On a closing note, Red Bull is grossly overpriced in the first place.

Guests's Review

It's my beer! It'll get ya' drunk! Actually, it's as likely to get you drunk as get you energized. With a paltry 31.5mg of caffeine, it's quite possibly one of the least energizing drinks ever. At least if you drank enough Milwaukee's Best you'd be guaranteed to get drunk eventually. I assume you'd have to drink a full 2 liter of The Beast to avoid falling asleep directly afterwards.

The Beast can or bottle design and textual information
The Beast Energy Drink comes in the standard 8oz size drink. The can has a very Good vs Evil feel to the image. Though the actual can colors are different than the colors on the image available on the website. Also the website seems to refer to it as Red Beast... which happens to sound a lot like another popular energy drink out on the market.

Consumer Reviews

The Drinker of E@2009-01-28 11:06:33
You need to sell The Beast its Beastly!
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